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An effort to launch a London-centric news channel has encountered a major problem during its first month of operations: virtually no one is watching it. Forbes magazine media and entertainment writer Neil Midgley commented on Thursday, “The first three weeks of ratings [for London Live] have been, truly, a disaster.” He noted that the ratings for some of the channel’s five and a half hours of daily programming have been so close to zero that they could not even be rated. The morning show has been averaging 2,400 viewers; the early evening show, 4,000. While Wake Up London produced its highest rating on April 2 when it drew 15,100 viewers, on eight days it had no measurable audience. London Go, carried at 6:30 pm. drew a high rating with 38,000 viewers on the day it launched. But on three occasions it drew no more than 300 viewers. However, London Live CEO Andrew Mullins, questions the data from Barb, Britain’s equivalent of Nielsen. He told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that any ratings sample for a London-only show is unreliable. “Only just three weeks in you do hope that people won’t leap on to some London Barb-only numbers as the gospel and a predictor of success. People should understand the data better.” But Guardian columnist Roy Greenslade commented, “There is no escaping the reality of these dire ratings. London Live could be London Dead within months if it cannot attract more viewers soon.”