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Overseas, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 began rolling out its web in 14 overseas markets and was easily No. 1 in virtually all of them. (An exception was Spain, where a local film, Spanish Affairs, has remained at the top of the box office for six consecutive weeks.) It brought in $47 million, just $1 million less than Rio 2, the international champ for the weekend, but that film was playing in 65 markets. It opened with about the same ticket sales as the 2012 original Amazing, but the fact that it was able to do that well must have come as some relief to Sony executives who reportedly were worried about the possibility of “franchise fatigue” for the Spidey flicks. Meanwhile, another Marvel superhero, Captain America, continued to show surprising strength overseas in its fourth week despite the strong debut of Spider-Man. The Winter Soldier installment brought in $35.3 million to place third. Rounding out the top five films overseas were Noah with $21.6 million (to bring its international total to $197.3 million, twice what it has earned domestically) and Divergent with $18.1 million. Meanwhile, Disney’s Frozen, which made its final international stop in Japan, crossed the $100-million mark in that country with $8 million in ticket sales, to bring its total there to $104.6 million.