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Viewers tuning in Sunday for CBS News’s 60 Minutes report on Tesla founder Elon Musk and the new Tesla electric car may have been surprised to hear the car making sounds like a motorcycle. In fact, as the latest exposé of the venerable newsmagazine has revealed, the sound was indeed that of a motorcycle or some other loud car engine, dubbed in by a “creative” editor. The sound caught the attention of Robert Sorokanich, who operates the website “It’s one thing to dub exciting motor noises over a mundane-sounding car, but to plop engine sounds on a car that most folks realize is nearly silent? That just seems … bizarre,” he wrote on the website. It’s the latest brouhaha to affect 60 Minutes, following a discredited report on Benghazi by Lara Logan, who remains on indefinite leave from the program; an uncritical report on the NSA by John Miller, who himself once worked for federal intelligence agencies; and for what was regarded as a puff piece on Amazon’s planned drone delivery system. On Tuesday, CBS apologized for the audio “enhancement” to the Tesla story and said that it had removed the sound from the report that it had posted online.