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One of the TV industry’s most prominent executives is among three men accused by Michael Egan in lawsuits alleging sexual abuse filed in Hawaii on Monday. Garth Ancier served as the first president of Fox Entertainment and the first chairman of the now-defunct The WB network. He also headed the entertainment divisions of NBC and BBC America Worldwide. Two other lesser-known entertainment executives were named in separate complaints: Gary Goddard, head of the North Hollywood-based design firm The Goddard Group, which has designed theme-park attractions for Disney World, Universal Studios, and Six Flags, among others; and David Neuman, a former president of Walt Disney Television and former chief programming officer at CNN, who now heads a company called Blackrock Productions. Of the three, only Neuman responded on Monday, saying on Twitter that the complaints were “completely false” and “shocking.” Last week, Egan, through his attorney, Jeff Herman, filed a similar complaint in Hawaii against X-Men writer/director Bryan Singer. However, Singer’s lawyer, Marty Singer (no relation) maintained on Monday that his client’s credit card receipts, telephone records and production schedules will show that the director was not in Hawaii at the time the alleged offenses took place. The lawsuits were filed in Hawaii because that state has passed a law that suspended the statute of limitations in cases involving sexual abuse.