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Gus Van Sant, who directed the movie Milk, about the assassinated gay San Francisco city/county supervisor Harvey Milk, is planning to direct another film about a gay activist, Michael Glatze. It is unlikely to be a sympathetic portrait of the protagonist, however. Glatze was a founder of a magazine called Young Gay America, when he claims to have been stricken with heart palpitations and sought help from a church that, he says, not only “cured” his heart problems but also his homosexuality. He married a woman last December. He has since become the poster boy of the “ex-gay” movement. Homosexual activists, however, claim that sexual orientation can not be changed and that those who claim otherwise are deceiving themselves and others. On Monday, several websites reported that James Franco was likely to star in Van Sant’s thus-far-untitled film as Glatze. Glatze himself has not commented on the film project.