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With studies indicating that one-sixth of TV viewers engage in online socializing via Twitter and Facebook while they watch TV, advertisers are increasingly attempting to place short ads in the social media that relate to the content of the TV shows, the New York Times reported today (Monday). Such advertising allows ad buyers to take advantage of popular HBO and Showtime shows, even though those shows carry no advertising themselves. In the case of HBO’s hugely popular Game of Thrones, advertisers have developed lighthearted ads after they determined, said the Times, that “by adding levity to the show’s grave content, humor has tended to generate better responses on Twitter and Facebook.” For example, the Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons tweeted a photo of a basket of doughnuts topped with icing that made them look like dragon eggs. But, the report suggested, some of these commercial tweets produce negative reactions that are immediately tweeted and posted next to the commercial ad.