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Unless you were one of the producers of Neighbors, it was arguably the most disappointing weekend of the year for the movie business, especially disappointing given the fact that it marked just the second week of the summer season when tentpole pictures generally give the industry its biggest boost. Last year, for example, Iron Man 3, in its second week, raked in $72.53 million, while The Great Gatsby opened with $50.09 million. This year, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brought in $35.50 million, down more than 60 percent from its debut weekend and down 30 percent from its Marvel compatriot’s total last year. The fact that the movie reportedly cost more than $250 million to produce must have made the disappointment more intense. Then there was the box office as a whole — down a whopping 40 percent from last year. Things could improve next weekend when Godzilla rises in theaters once again, but don’t bet on it. Early reviews have indicated that the monster himself has been given far too little screen time, something that could hurt its prospects at the box office if not next weekend, then in the weeks ahead when word-of-mouth spreads.