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The attorney for X-Men writer/director Bryan Singer has lashed out at the Florida attorney for Singer’s accusers, In a letter obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, Marty Singer, who is not related to his client, accuses Jeff Herman of filing the sensational lawsuit that accuses the director of sexual abuse in order to “solicit new clients, ultimately looking for a payday for yourself” and “lying to the public concerning your actions.” Referring to Herman’s most recent lawsuit, filed on behalf of an unnamed U.K. actor that was rejected by the court because it was filed electronically rather than manually, Marty Singer warned Herman, “I am hereby demanding that you immediately dismiss, with prejudice, the Egan lawsuit and refrain from refiling the ‘John Doe’ lawsuit that you filed against him. If you fail to do so, then you will be exposed to significant liability.” Referring to Herman’s previous lawsuit against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash that was dismissed because the statue of limitations had expired, Singer said, “You have demonstrated a pattern of filing legally deficient lawsuits. Your repeated failure to properly investigate claims before rushing to the courthouse and then hosting press conferences is inexcusable and rises to the level of sanctionable conduct.” Herman has not yet responded to Singer’s letter.