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Rarely have critics been so critical of the films selected for screenings at the Cannes Film Festival as they have been this year. They almost universally hooted at the festival opener, Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman. Days later, they reviled Mike Leigh’s The Captain. But they have saved some of their most potent ammunition to unload against Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, which screened on Tuesday. Robbie Collin of the London Telegraph slammed it as “mouth-dryingly lousy,” while his colleague, Tim Robey tweeted that it was a “crapocalypse.” Justin Chang in Variety predicted that hardly anyone is going to buy a ticket to see it, not even those curious to see how bad it actually is. “Train-wreck fascination will go only so far to turn this misguided passion project into an item of even remote commercial interest,” he wrote. (The film does not yet have a released date.) The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw commented: “It is colossally indulgent, shapeless, often fantastically and unthinkably offensive and at all times insufferably conceited.”