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New Zealand director Jane Campion may have been selected to preside over the jury at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which opened today (Wednesday); she is also the only woman ever to have won the coveted Palme d’Or award for best picture (for her 1993 film The Piano); and the jury itself may be dominated by women this year, but none of that held her back from criticizing the festival for not encouraging the participation of female filmmakers. Noting that only two of the films selected for the competition this year were directed by women, Campion told a news conference at the festival today, “It does feel very undemocratic, and women do notice, you know.” She said that “time and time again we don’t get our share of representation.” However, she indicated that when she voiced that opinion to the powers-that-be at the festival, they informed her that 93 percent of the films submitted for awards consideration at the festival were made by men.