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A hologram of Michael Jackson appeared onstage at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, looking almost as realistic as the live dancers that surrounded it, according to some reports. Reportedly taking six months to produce, the four-minute hologram featured Jackson wearing a gold jacket, white T-shirt and red trousers. It did not seem to be affected by the lights and pyrotechnics that accompanied the performance. Most reviews described the performance as spectacular, but the London Independent commented that such musical events seem incomplete “without flogging the corpse of a dead pop star, as was the case last night when a holo-Jacko shone on the stage to the simultaneous excitement and disappointment of the audience.” The Independent said that the hologram looked “somewhat like Michael Jackson, adding that it performed a song, “Slave to the Rhythm,” from his new album Xscape “that is made from all the unfinished songs he probably never wanted anybody to hear.” The hologram stunt almost certainly boosted the show’s audience, however. With 10.5 million viewers tuning in, it was the most-watched show Sunday night. (It averaged 9.5 million last year.) It also was the highest-rated show among the 18-49 age group.