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Sixteen years after he was fired as the anchor of Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update,” Norm Macdonald is campaigning to return to late-night television, this time to replace Craig Ferguson on CBS’s Late Late Show at the end of the year. But he also got a boost from another late-night host, Conan O’Brien, who effectively turned over a minute of his TBS show to Macdonald last week so that he could “audition” for the job (which included snippet live interviews with Andy Richter and Fred Willard), and from the New York Times, which described the stunt and interviewed Macdonald for Sunday’s edition (“Campaigning for a Desk Job in Late Night”). But mostly Macdonald is campaigning via Twitter, where thousands of his fans have given him a thumbs up and told the network that they would actually watch the show if Macdonald took over as host. Commented Macdonald in the New York Times article, “I know you’re supposed to be coy and say, ‘If nominated I will not run’ … but it would be so cool to get that job.”