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The New York Times has editorialized in opposition to the planned $45-billion acquisition by Comcast of Time Warner Cable. Under the heading “A Cable Merger Too Far,” the editorial urged the Justice Department and the FCC to block the merger, saying that it would “concentrate too much market power in the hands of one company, creating a telecommunications colossus the likes of which the country has not seen since 1984 when the government forced the breakup of the original AT&T telephone monopoly.” Acknowledging that the cable-TV business already has limited competition, the Times editorial noted that the merger would result in Comcast alone, in more than a third of American homes, “would become a gatekeeper over what consumers watch, read and listen to” and allow it to refuse to carry some channels that compete with NBC, which it owns. “This merger,” the editorial concluded, “would fundamentally change the structure of this important industry and give one company too much control over what information, shows, movies and sports Americans can access on TVs and the Internet.”