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Quentin Tarantino has denounced the motion picture industry’s transition from film to digital production and exhibition as “television in public” and concluded, “What I knew as cinema is dead.” Tarantino made the comment as the Cannes Film Festival wrapped up with a presentation of the 1964 spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars by Italian director Sergio Leone, which Tarantino hosted. But if the director of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs was convinced that cinema is now “dead,” he appeared equally convinced that it could be revived. “I’m hoping that while this generation is quite hopeless, that the next one will demand the real thing,” he remarked at a news conference at the festival. “I’m very hopeful that future generations will be much smarter than this generation and realize what they lost.” Tarantino did allow that digital allows young filmmakers to make movies, even with a smartphone, whereas in his youth he had to raise the money to rent at least 16mm equipment, buy the film, process it, and rent additional equipment to edit it. “But why an established filmmaker would shoot on digital, I have no f***ing” idea at all,” he said.