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TV talent shows are still capable of drawing sizable audiences, but they’re a fraction of their former magnitude and growing smaller each week, something that Fox TV, which relaunched the format with American Idol 13 years ago, appeared to acknowledge during a conference call on Monday. Fox Broadcasting Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly disclosed that Idol will likely start next season at two nights a week through the auditions phase but then move to a two-hour format one night a week afterwards. During its current season, the show is down 19 percent to 12.2 million viewers. In its heyday, it sometimes drew 30 million or more. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that the network is planning to announce the debut of Gotham, starring Jada Pinkett Smith as a police officer in the city where Batman operates and where residents include Bruce Way, the Penguin and the Riddler. Such programs, Reilly said, will enable Fox to keep its reputation as “America’s next-generation network.”