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It is certainly odd, to say the least. Only days before the premiere of Disney’s Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, not a single review has been posted about it. While major newspaper critics agree to embargo their reviews until the day of the premiere, trade reviews and national magazine reviews are generally exempt from the embargo. There are also the reviews, posted on and other such sites by movie fans who have seen sneak previews. But none of those are up, either. When movies are not screened for critics, it’s generally because the studio thinks they’re going to flop, but a lot of families would simply like to know if Maleficent is going to scare their toddlers, so you’d think that some family magazines would have been given a look at it. Besides, the film has been screened for critics in some overseas countries, and the reviews are mixed, but certainly not scathing. Several suggest that the stand-out scene is the one in which Jolie as Maleficent applies a curse to Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. The dialogue is copied from Sleeping Beauty and Jolie successfully mimics the animated Maleficent. “Julie’s mimicry,” wrote the Dutch website Brainfreeze, “is perfect. Her smile, her laugh … almost looks like a copy of the animated film. … So spot on.”