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In the aftermath of Lara Logan’s discredited 60 Minutes report on Benghazi, her colleagues were “apoplectic” about the damage it had done to the news magazine’s reputation, with Morley Safer demanding that CBS News chief (and 60 Minutes executive producer) Jeff Fager fire her, New York magazine reports in its current edition. Fager, it said, refused and instead placed her on an indefinite leave of absence and said she would be allowed to return this year. The article points out, however, that prior to the Benghazi report, Logan had been publicly criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy, and that there was concern that Logan’s politics would eventually be mirrored in her work on 60 Minutes. Since her departure, the magazine says, “the atmosphere at CBS has been toxic” with staffers complaining about both Logan and Fager. Logan’s agent, it said, “has maintained a precarious negotiation with Fager over Logan’s return to 60 Minutes, which in recent weeks has not appeared certain.”