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June 5, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

The broadcast networks have begun negotiating their annual upfront deal with advertisers, but some published reports have indicated that business has been relatively slow. The Wall Street Journal reported today (Thursday) that “not much business has been done. And that business which has been done isn’t necessarily great for the networks.” As usual, all of the networks have raised their ad rates, some more than others. NBC, which went from the cellar to first place in the key 18-49 age group during the regular season — making its best showing in a decade — has reportedly pushed its ad rates up about 8 percent. On the other hand, Fox, which saw its ratings plummet during the season, is asking for an increase of only about 3 percent. Today’s Los Angeles Times reported that movie studios have been the first to lock up deals. (They ordinarily try to snatch key primetime slots on Thursdays, the day before their films usually open.) All of the networks are attempting to persuade advertisers to accept so-called C7 deals — deals in which advertisers pay a fee based on ratings for the original broadcast plus seven days of DVR viewing.