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Broadcasters on Wednesday hailed a Supreme Court decision upholding their contention that the Aereo system represented a theft of their signals, while the technology industry decried it. "We are very pleased," CBS chief Les Moonves told Bloomberg News. Referring to the court’s 6-3 decision, Moonves said, "We expected to win, but it certainly feels good to win as decisively as we did." On the other hand, Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia called the ruling a "massive setback" for consumers that "sends a chilling message to the technology industry." And Ed Black, CEO of the Computer and Communications Industry Association, commented, "The Court said this decision shouldn’t have an impact on other technology services. … That’s nice to say, but they did basically create a huge gray area." He warned that the decision would cause investors to think twice about backing start-ups employing cloud computing. Reporting on the decision, the Wall Street Journal observed that it "makes it likely new technologies for transforming traditional ways of watching television will face difficulties without the permission of content providers."