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In an effort to reduce piracy, movies will be released for sale on DVD, Blu-ray and online in Australia 90 days after their theatrical debut,, which follows BitTorrent usage reported today (Monday). Simon Bush, CEO of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association, noted that some studios have already begun to narrow the window. He said in an interview with Fairfax Media: "[The studios] don’t like the fact that they are losing out a lot of money to piracy." In the U.S. some exhibitors have threatened to boycott studios that release movies on home video earlier, but the Australian report indicates they will be operating in concert to lower the release window. Doing so, said Bush, "continues to ensure that the theatrical window retains its rightful prominence in the market as the premium movie experience, but also allows the consumer to increasingly access the film earlier digitally and on DVD and Blu-ray and thus reduce what some refer to as the ‘piracy window.’" Studios clearly want to release their films on home video earlier — DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg recently observed that studios earn 95 percent of their theatrical revenue on films during their first three weekends.