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A columnist for the re/code business website who signs himself "Cord Cutter, Senior Digital Exec, Big Media Company," maintains that the broadcasters’ Supreme Court victory over the Aereo service represents a pyrrhic win at best and probably a "disaster" for the broadcasters. He notes that Aereo brought their programs to "digital natives," the very audience that advertisers seek — mostly young people in their late teens and twenties, who he said, "are abandoning the big broadcasters in droves." As a result of the court’s decision in favor of the broadcasters, Cord Cutter maintained, "they will continue to see their audience decline — and revenue along with it. He insisted that young viewers will continue to seek programming from YouTube and other video websites and that they aren’t coming back to the networks’ new shows, "because many 13-to-30-year-olds just can’t be bothered to discover and watch broadcast TV in the archaic and stilted way it’s currently presented." In the end, he concluded, "as the digital-native generation grows up, broadcast TV will become more and more irrelevant to a broad swath of the population. And that will eventually lead to their obsolescence."