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ABC News’s decision to appoint the relatively untested David Muir to replace Diane Sawyer as anchor of its nightly newscast has touched off a barrage of criticism by media analysts. Temple University associate professor Karen Turner, whose research focuses on journalism and race, commented, "In this growing multicultural nation, it’s unconscionable that as of September three white men will lead their respective networks. … The subliminal message this sends is these white males are the legitimate faces that should represent America." Other critics accused Muir of showboating. Andrew Tyndall, whose The Tyndall Report covers the networks’ nightly newscasts, commented Muir "makes himself the focus of whatever he is covering so frequently that it appears that he confuses journalism (telling his audience about events that he is observing on their behalf) with becoming the central character in his own reality-TV show." But John Nolte at the conservative, was unfazed, "The good news for the white male nightly news patriarchy is that our three white male anchors are all relatively young. White male Muir is only 40; white male Pelley is 56; white male Williams, 55. At this rate, it will be at least 2025 before a woman or member of a racial minority gets a chance at the most coveted and prestigious slot in all of journalism."