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The success of a slew of faith-based movies this year, such as Heaven Is for Real, Son of God, and God’s Not Dead will likely encourage studios to increase the number of films targeting church-going audiences, according to those who attended Variety‘s recent Purpose Family Entertainment + Faith-Based Summit in Beverly Hills. As T.D. Jakes, producer of Heaven Is for Real, said in an interview at the conference: "Most people of faith think that Hollywood just wants to do evil. And, I say no, Hollywood wants to get paid." And Kevin Sorbo, who starred in God’s Not Dead, observed: "You look at the biggest blockbuster movies that open at $90 million," added Sorbo. "They have a 60 percent drop on average the next week. We went up three weeks in a row and they started adding theaters…. That never happens." Breitbart noted that Heaven Is for Real grossed $90 million, while Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, a film "without a whiff of religion," earned just $76 million. In actual fact, the movie, which played in 1,283 theaters, earned $33 million domestically and $64 million overseas.) Heaven Is for Real, which played in 3,048 theaters, grossed $89.5 million domestically and just $2.93 million abroad.