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Saying that “display is the last frontier,” Hussein S. El-Ghoroury, CEO of Carlsbad, CA-based Ostendo Technologies Inc., has told the Wall Street Journal that his company plans to introduce technology within the next year that will allow a 48-inch picture to be projected from a smartphone, first in 2D, then, shortly thereafter, in 3D, effectively creating holograms in ordinary environments. “Over the years, processing power has improved and networks have more bandwidth, but what is missing is comparable advancement in display,” Dr.El-Ghoroury told the newspaper. While in the past holographic projections required expensive equipment and a system of mirrors, Ostendo’s projectors, the Journal said, “are roughly the size of Tic Tacs” and can fit into a smartphone. Resolution is impressive, said the Journal, which observed a test of a prototype, with the Ostendo chips capable of displaying 5,000 dots per inch versus 300 dots per inch for the iPhone’s Retina display.