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The MPAA and China’s Xunlei Networking Technologies have agreed on anti-piracy measures that would employ content-recognition software to ensure that MPAA-member content is licensed. According to, which tracks BitTorrent usage, Xunlei, which is partially backed by Google, has about 142 million users, making it the most popular torrent client in the world. The agreement follows last week’s IPO filing by Xunlei. A similar filing three years ago was spiked over concerns that its software was being used for piracy. In making full disclosure to potential investors, Xunlei says in its filing, “Even if we comply with all of our obligations under the content protection agreement, the implementation of content protection measures may affect our users’ experience or otherwise make our services and products less competitive than those of our competitors, which could in turn materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. … In the event that the content protection agreement is terminated or we are otherwise deemed not to be fully compliant with its material terms, the content providers may initiate a lawsuit or other proceeding against us, including for any past claims that they might otherwise have made prior to entering into the agreement. In addition, other third party content providers may still initiate lawsuits or other proceedings against us.”