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Seven months after Nikki Finke’s stormy departure from, the blog she created to shake up the entertainment industry, which had previously thought of its trade publications, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter as publicity outlets, Finke is back to blogging. In her first posts on on Thursday her principal targets were those same trade publications, along with her old Deadline site and its challenger, TheWrap. She referred to them as “Deadlame,” “Valiety,” “The Hollywood Unreported,” and “TheCrap.” She also took aim at the staffs of Deadline and Variety, both now owned by Jay Penske with whom she waged an acrimonious battle before her departure last year. Anita Busch, who now covers the box office for Deadline is “batshit crazy,” she wrote. Peter Bart, the former editor in chief of Variety, is “an unethical fart.” She spells Deadline editor Mike Fleming’s name “Phlegming.” And she refers to Jay Penske as “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” She promises to douse the latter two with more venom “over the next few days.”