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The final reunion performance by the Monty Python comedy troupe will be beamed live to hundreds of theaters in the U.K. and the U.S. on July 20, the group announced on Sunday. The comedy concert, dubbed “Monty Python Live (Mostly),” featuring John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin, with visuals by Terry Gilliam, is scheduled to originate from London’s 15,000-seat 02 Arena and marks the first appearance on stage by the group in more than 30 years. In an interview with the Associated Press over the weekend, Idle said that the show will include old favorite routines as well as some surprises. “I’ve got one or two up my sleeve that will absolutely freak people out,” said Idle, adding, “Python has always tried to push the expectation level, and just be a little bit more than they could possibly hope for. I think that’s one of its secrets _ it’s always been, ‘Well this will really surprise them.'”