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After initially playing down reports that its radio ratings in the Los Angeles area had been manipulated in favor of Univision Communications, Nielsen acknowledged on Monday that the problem was larger than it first believed. The Los Angeles Times reported today (Tuesday) that Nielsen has discovered that at least two households using its "people meter" devices were "affiliated" with an executive of the company. Nielsen released a statement saying that the breach represented "a serious violation of data integrity standards." For its part, Univision said that it had fired a programming executive at its Los Angeles radio station, KSCA-FM, who reportedly was related to a Nielsen participant. It declined to identify him. News of the scandal comes following April’s Nielsen radio rankings in the Los Angeles market, which saw the Univision station jump from fifth place to first during the all-important morning-drive hours (6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.). Nielsen said that it is delaying release of its latest L.A. radio ratings so that it can recalculate them without including the viewing habits of the planted audience members.>RATINGS SCANDAL HITS NIELSEN