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On the heels of reports that Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor lost the state’s primary on Tuesday largely on the issue of immigration reform, a new study has found that among people who most trust Fox News for information, only 12 percent are aware that deportations have increased under the Obama administration. Among those who most trust CNN, the figure rises to 33 percent; for those who trust PBS, 35 percent. The study, by Public Religion Research Institute/Brookings Institute, also concluded that Fox News may “reinforce and perhaps harden conservative views,” pointing out that 50 percent of Republicans who trust Fox News most agree with the proposition that immigrants “burden our country because they take our jobs, housing, and health care,” but among Republicans who trust other news sources, only 38 percent agree. Similar results were tabulated when “Fox News Republicans” and “non-Fox Republicans” were questioned about raising the minimum wage and same-sex marriage.