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It stars Tom Cruise. It reportedly cost $175 million to make. It is one of the best-reviewed movies of the year. It has had an intriguing marketing campaign (“Live. Die. Repeat.”) and Cruise has been everywhere promoting it. And yet Edge of Tomorrow is expected to arrive with all the celebration of Groundhog Day. (The premise is being compared with the movie of that name.) Box-office pundits expect it to earn around $30-35 million, with a few saying it might arrive even below that figure. By contrast, The Fault in Our Stars, which has no big-name stars, cost just $12 million to make, has received so-so reviews, and is based on a novel by John Green that has been read by so many teenage girls that spoiler alerts are unnecessary when discussing it — that film is expected to debut at No. 1 this weekend with around $40-45 million, with a few analysts saying it might arrive even above that figure. So where does that leave last weekend’s leader, Maleficent? Probably in third place, according to the forecasts, although it, too, could outshine Edge of Tomorrow.