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If Aereo is illegal, as the Supreme Court ruled this week, then are Dish’s Slingbox and Hopper gadgets also illegal? Fox Broadcasting thinks they are, and a day after the high court’s Aereo decision, Fox submitted it to the ninth circuit court of Appeals in California, which will hear the broadcaster’s copyright-infringement case against Dish on July 7. Slingbox allows Dish users to send live or recorded programs from their DVRs over the Internet to their mobile devices. Hopper allows them to watch programs they have recorded without commercials. (The auto-hop feature skips ads automatically). Along with a copy of the Supreme Court Aereo decision, Fox submitted a statement from its lawyer, Richard Stone, which said in part, "Dish, which engages in virtually identical conduct when it streams Fox’s programming to Dish subscribers over the Internet … has repeatedly raised the same defenses as Aereo which have now been rejected by the Supreme Court."