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Israel’s foreign minister said on Monday that his country will work to prevent al-Jazeera from operating in Israel. In an interview with the liberal daily Haaretz, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused al-Jazeera of being "a central pillar of the propaganda apparatus of Hamas." He added that the news network "broadcasts to Gaza and the world anti-Israeli incitement, lies, provocations and it encourages terrorists to act." Haaretz noted that the Qatar-based network employs several Israeli journalists and that freedom of the press is enshrined in Israeli law. (Three al-Jazeera journalists are currently imprisoned in Egypt after being convicted of "spreading false news.") Early today (Tuesday) al-Jazeera reported that two "warning shots" were fired into its office in Gaza. Correspondent Stefanie Dekker tweeted: "We are evacuating. Our office building also has many residential apartments. People leaving panicked. AP also has office there and evacuated."