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The BBC World Service, which was shut down in Thailand in May by the military junta currently running the country, has resumed multimedia broadcasts in the Thai language — on Facebook. (Of the country’s current population of 67 million, 24 million reportedly use the social media service.) Charlotte Morgan, head of International Communications for BBC News, told in an e-mail. "The content will be around international news, international reactions to the situation in Thailand, and news from Thailand," she said. "One of the fundamental principles of the World Service is to bring impartial and accurate news to countries when they lack it," said Liliane Landor, head of language services at the BBC World Service. At the same time, Reporters Without Borders warned that journalists could be subject to arrest if they write or broadcast articles criticizing the junta’s policies. A spokesperson for the junta said on Saturday, "We don’t have any problem as long as they don’t broadcast information that is negative or has an impact on the stability of the country,"