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It is yet another example of a corporation’s overly zealous effort to protect its trademarks backfiring: DC Comics’ refusal to allow the Superman "S" logo to be used as part of a memorial to a five-year-old victim of child abuse has produced an avalanche of negative publicity. The memorial, a bronze statue designed by famed Ontario artist Ruth Abernethy, depicts little Jeffrey Baldwin wearing a Superman costume. Todd Boyce, an Ottawa resident who raised the money for the statue, told the Canadian Press that he had been moved after seeing a photograph of the boy in which he is wearing the outfit. But DC Comics, a unit of Time Warner, turned down the request to use the logo, "Basically they didn’t want to have the character of Superman associated with child abuse. They weren’t comfortable with that," Boyce said. The statue is already completed — except, before being cast in bronze, that "S" will now be removed and replaced with a "J," according to the CP account. Jeffrey’s grandparents who had custody of Jeffrey and his siblings, were convicted of second-degree murder in 2006.