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Although the major television networks are spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns and other marketing efforts in pursuit of Emmy nominations, an actual win does not automatically boost ratings, the Los Angeles Times observed today (Wednesday). "All broadcasters want to be associated with quality and an Emmy gives that distinction," Warren Littlefield, the former NBC Entertainment chief who is now a producer of the FX series Fargo, told the Times. "It gives a network or a studio bragging rights." Similarly Richard Licata, NBC’s publicity chief, told the newspaper "Yes, it’s about winning the gold, but just is as important with the campaigning is branding your network and shows and talent — the perception can lure advertisers to consider you if they haven’t before." And Mark Burnett, who now produces NBC’s The Voice underscored that point: "It says to the public, ‘Hey, this is worth your time. The Academy thinks this is one of the best shows of the year,’" Burnett said. Emmy nominations are due to be announced on Thursday.