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On its website, Britain’s Guardian newspaper has dissected each of the scenes of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and offered its explanation of what they’re all about. In the final scene, showing Dakota Johnson blindfolded and apparently naked submitting to Jamie Dornan’s sadistic sexual advances, the Guardian explains that the Dakota character has discovered a secret about Dornan’s Grey character: "That’s right, Christian Grey is sexually aroused by the idea of recreating Body of Evidence, the terrible early-90s erotic thriller that probably signaled the lowest point of Madonna’s entire career, in its grotty [British slang for unpleasant] entirety. It’s a disgusting fetish, but Anastasia joins in. This cannot possibly end well for anyone." Meanwhile, New York Post columnist Mackenzie Dawson commented that the trailer "left me kind of cold." Her column was headlined, "’Fifty Shades’ of meh: Lackluster trailer is all pain, no gain."