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Earth to Echo amounts to an echo of other similar films, many critics agree. They don’t necessarily agree on the films it’s echoing, however. Geoff Pevere in the Toronto Globe and Mail describes it as "a digital remastering of E.T. for the smartphone social-media kinderkultur." To Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News, it "feels less like a weak E.T. than a substandard Mac and Me. Linda Barnard in the Toronto Star also mentions E.T. but also includes, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Poltergeist, The Goonies, and Super Eight. "For those who see imitation as flattery, Earth to Echo is a cinematic Eddie Haskell," she writes. However, she adds, "With so few kid-friendly movies on the summer slate, Earth to Echo offers a heartfelt and often comic adventure. For that, some copycatting can be forgiven." Nicholas Rapold in the New York Times doesn’t name any of the movies that Echo is echoing, simply referring to it as "a chipper, shallow knockoff" and "an extended episode of an after-school show by Disney." Adam Graham in the Detroit News compares it to elements in Super 8 and Stand by Me. "Earth aims to take those elements to the stars, but can’t stick the landing," he remarks.