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PBS Digital Studios, a YouTube channel, plans to launch its first scripted series, Frankenstein, M.D. on August 19. Three episodes of the projected 24, each five-to-eight-minutes long, are scheduled to be screened at the annual Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills today (Thursday). In a news release, PBS Digital Studios described the content this way: "Victoria Frankenstein is a Ph.D./MD student focused on a career as a research scientist. With her colleague Iggy DeLacey (based on the iconic character ‘Igor’) and mentor, Dr. Waldman, the ambitious, daring genius is flipping the script and creating a new (self-titled) YouTube science show, explaining complex biological and medical concepts to a general audience. As Frankenstein pursues her boldest line of research yet, she makes a shocking series of discoveries that could potentially endanger not only her career, but her life and the lives of her friends." In a statement, Matt Graham, senior director at PBS Digital Studios, said that the goal of the series is to "attract digitally savvy audiences with content that is equally entertaining and educational."