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The Chinese-owned AMC theater chain has embarked on a renovation program that will see many of its theaters offering "fully reclining," Lazy-Boy-type seats that are 36 percent wider than normal, the Wall Street Journal reported today (Monday). The renovations will result in a reduction of 50-70 percent of a theater’s seating capacity. The trade-off however, is that such theaters see an attendance uptick of 80 percent, the chain claims. Some of the reseated theaters also offer full dining with a menu comparable to an Applebee’s restaurant, thereby allowing moviegoers the ability to consolidate their evening activities. According to the Journal, AMC plans to spend about $600 million over the next five years to "reseat" 1,800 of its 5,000 screens. The theater chain, the Journal, said, won’t raise ticket prices to pay for the new screens for one year (in order to "seed" behavior, but then plans to raise them $1.00­$1.25.