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Heading into the weekend, online ticket seller Fandango is reporting that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is capturing 93 percent of its sales. The Los Angeles Times reported today (Thursday) that the Marvel Studios tentpole will likely become the biggest August pre-seller in Fandango’s history. A poll of ticket buyers disclosed that 95 percent of them are attracted by the film’s off-the-wall humor. About 85 percent said they wanted to see Parks and Recreation star Christopher Pratt in his performance as Peter Quill ("Star-Lord"). Early reviews have been strong, both internationally and domestically. Peter Bradshaw in Britain’s Guardian newspaper commented that the movie "pulls off the difficult trick of combining sprightly self-satire combined with that operatic self-belief that superhero stories need." But Geoffrey MacNab in the London Independent called it "Marvel-lite: a brisk and breezy superhero movie that provides plenty of visual spectacle and humor but is sometimes undermined by its own facetiousness." Scott Foundas in Variety remarked that "the cheeky comic tone keeps things buoyant." But Jack Coyle of the Associated Press, while welcoming the film’s "irreverent" tone, comments that the problem with the movie "is the weakness of the comedy it wears so proudly." It’s just "zany," he concludes.