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In Hollywood, it’s rare for a producer to use his own money to finance the filming of a TV pilot — let alone eight episodes of a series — without at least some assurance that the show will be picked up by a broadcast or cable network. But today’s (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times reports that comedian Rob Schneider is indeed financing the first eight episodes of a series title Real Rob from his own pocket, despite the warnings of his own agent, Brett Norensberg of the Gersh Agency. "I strongly advised him against this. It is absolutely a risk," Schneider’s agent, Brett Norensberg of the Gersh Agency told the Los Angeles Times.. "The No. 1 rule is never use your own money." Schneider, who has indicated that he has undertaken the project so that he would have ultimate creative control over it, has not said how much he is spending on it. "Not every actor could obviously afford this, and frankly it’s pushing me to my limits," he told the Times.