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The surviving members of Monty Python — John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones (Graham Chapman died in 1989) — came together on Tuesday to recreate some of the most popular sketches from their BBC comedy series of the 1970s. Borrowing the recurring "And now for something completely different" line that punctuated the series, critic Mark Jeffries of the London Daily Mirror commented, "It’s not something completely different but that’s exactly why fans will love it." An audience member told Sky News that the show was "the best thing I have ever seen." Some critics were not willing to go that far. Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian remarked that the show "isn’t bad" and "won’t make any converts But it sends the faithful away happy." The London Independent’s John Walsh wrote, "It pains me to criticize them. But this is a desperately lazy production, resting on its laurels, uninterested in showcasing new material, relying on TV footage and the whooping adulation of an audience who know all the words." And in a promotional piece for the Pythons, Mike Jagger quipped that the reunited members are "old, wrinkly men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money." Which, of course are what the members of the Rolling Stones are currently doing in their "14 on Fire" world tour.