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Warner Bros. has forced YouTube to remove a Greenpeace video that accuses Lego of partnering with Shell to produce toy trucks and gas stations bearing the Shell logo. Shell’s drilling operations in the Arctic have been the subject of recurrent Greenpeace protests, including the animated film that shows a lovely arctic scene that is inundated by an oil spill, set to a melancholy version of "Everything Is Awesome," the recurring tune in Warner Bros.’ The Lego Movie. The video ends with the words, "Shell is polluting our children’s imaginations." During the first days after it appeared on YouTube earlier this month, the video was watched by three million people, before it was yanked — replaced by a notice reading, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. Entertainment." (, which tracks online piracy, reported on Friday that 700 other YouTube videos also use the "Everything Is Awesome" tune without generating a take-down notice from Warner’s.) The video remains on, however, and Greenpeace is urging its followers to upload it onto their own social-media pages.