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Speculation continued to spread today (Tuesday) that Rupert Murdoch may make a bid to buy Time Warner. Murdoch is attending the annual Allen & Co. gathering in Sun Valley ID, where, according to Reuters, he is stalking a major deal "Murdoch’s interest in Time Warner despite its $62 billion market value has been the subject of industry speculation," the report said. Many observers found the report far-fetched. Such an acquisition would give Murdoch ownership of both Fox News and CNN, plus 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. On Sunday, Brian Stelter said on CNN’s Reliable Sources, "It’s a wild thought, but it’s being talked about because Murdoch is in ‘hunting mood’ again." (He went on to comment that if such an acquisition actually materialized, he’d eat his copy of the New York Post, which is owned by Murdoch.) And on Monday,’s Dylan Byers remarked that such an acquisition is "not out of the question. Murdoch is certainly interested in an acquisition of some kind, and that’s reason enough to keep your eye on the goings-on in Sun Valley this week." The Wall Street Journal, another Murdoch-owned newspaper, also suggested that Time Warner is a "much-discussed potential target" but it did not name any media mogul who might be aiming at it.