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The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has issued what it is calling a "call to arms" against Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to take over Time Warner. The guild observed in a message to members that in recent years industry-wide consolidation of networks and studios and the virtual disappearance of independent production in TV have resulted in "Fewer movies being made. Fewer development deals. Smaller TV staffs. And lower quotes … because the industry was suddenly in the hands of only six — six! — conglomerates." And if Time Warner and Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox should combine, the merged company "would control 40 percent of the industry’s writing jobs." Eventually it could all lead to a single "mega-company" controlling the entire industry. The letter observes that contributions by individuals to the campaigns of Senate candidates have failed to influence policy, but contributing to a strong political action committee "supporting candidates in the name of the WGA gives us a fighting chance in the war against the corporate madness that threatens us all."