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Ratings for Monday night’s Emmy Awards ceremony plunged 22 percent to 13.78 million viewers from last year’s 17.63 million. The 2013 affair, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, drew the largest audience since 2005. The telecast no doubt suffered as aresult of being moved to Monday night in August from Sunday in September as a result of NBC’s commitment to the NFL. Sunday nights’ television audience is generally significantly larger than Monday nights’. So is September’s. As usual, critics panned the telecast, but gave host Seth Meyers a passing grade. He was, in the words of Hank Steuver in the Washington Post, "reliable but not wild, funny but not hilarious." Variety‘s Brian Lowry wrote that "NBC’s latest maneuver to showcase one of its latenight hosts — at an hour where you don’t have to fight off sleep to watch him — will have paid off handsomely if Meyers manages to maintain the breezy charm he established in the monologue." Robert Blanco in USA Today observed that Meyers offered "nothing fancy: Just Meyers, telling the kind of jokes that kept him on Saturday Night Live and won him his own late-night talk show." Don Kaplan in the New York Daily News got in the unkindest cut. Meyers’s monologue, Kaplan wrote, "opened the award show as if it were on C-Span, not NBC." But addressing Meyers in her review, Mary McCarthy commented in the Los Angeles Times: "Seth, I am here to tell you … you did great. Your opening monologue was funny, fresh and smart, chock-full of good jokes and insight into the wonderful roiling madness that is television today."