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The biggest problem with "healthy" foods may be the fact that the companies that offer them want you to spend more than you would for the regular kind. Last September, for example, Burger King launched a major TV ad campaign to promote its new Satisfries, a lower-fat french fry. "Everyone seems pretty excited this week about Satisfries," AdWeek magazine said at the time. Now, less than a year later, less-satisfied Burger King has yanked the item from about two-thirds of its outlets. Health advocates had immediately spotted several problems with the new fries. A small order contained 270 calories, 99 of them from fat — or 37 percent. That’s more than the 30 percent maximum allowed by the FDA for foods to be designated as low fat. A regular order of fries contains 340 calories (just 70 calories more than Satisfries) with 135 of them from fat — or 40 percent. Not a lot of difference. What was different was the price — about 30 cents more for Satisfries.