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Consumers are increasingly binge watching entire seasons of television shows, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield observed on Tuesday, citing a study by the Noise/Intelligence Group’s Cassandra Report. A"Today, consumers can find almost any content that interests them on some platform to catch up on — enabling them to create television on their own schedule vs. what is programmed to them live via linear broadcast and cable networks,A" he wrote. The study, based on a poll by Noise Intelligence, indicated that the overwhelming number of those polled (65 percent) would rather binge view an entire season at once than watch new episodes every week. Commented Greenfield: "Given the increasingly small live ratings of any new TV show that airs (whether that be broadcast or cable), most consumers have never seen all the great television that is on the air, let alone that aired years ago. As you give consumers the choice to watch "show A" week-to-week with 20 minutes of ads or "show B" all-at-once with no ads, it is not hard to imagine which they will pick."