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Britain’s Metropolitan Police (aka Scotland Yard) has warned that even viewing the video of James Foley’s beheading is regarded as a crime under the country’s anti-terrorist laws. Reports have indicated that while the video has been shared by hundreds of Twitter users, who expressed shock and horror over it, it has not been posted on Twitter accounts connected to British jihadis, no doubt out of concern that their accounts might be terminated if they did so. In fact Twitter said on Wednesday that it had been "actively suspending" accounts that had posted the video. On Wednesday, Jodie Ginsberg, CEO of the London-based Index on Censorship, condemned the crackdown, noting that the video has been seen by Prime Minister Cameron, President Obama and herself — as well as "a number of the journalists writing about the video in today’s papers: something they needed to do to be able to describe its full horror to others. We should not feed the flames of the propagandists by mindlessly sharing their videos, but nor should we make the mistake of assuming that global corporations, or indeed police forces, should decide who sees what." And while the jihadis may have refrained from disseminating the video, they did not hesitate to defend it online. Britain’s Guardian newspaper took note of a Twitter user calling himself Al Britaniyya, who posted a picture of a burning American flag and commented, "So the US want to bombarded us with air strikes in iraq and not give a damn whos killed but want cry when a dusty journalist is killed."