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Meet the Press moderator David Gregory finally got his walking papers on Thursday, after weeks of speculation that he was about to be fired because of declining ratings of the program. Last weekend, Fox’s Chris Wallace, a Sunday-morning competitor remarked that NBC officials had treated Gregory "shabbily," adding: "If you’re going to get rid of David Gregory … then they ought to just do it. This twisting in the wind is unseemly." The New York Post reported today (Friday) that Gregory had forced a confrontation with NBC officials. The newspaper quoted an insider as saying, "Gregory was pissed off. He’d had enough and told them he was out." The New York Daily News said that Gregory was not being allowed to say goodbye on the program this Sunday but would be immediately replaced by Chuck Todd, the network’s political director. "They know how bad they’ve f***ed him over and they’re scared to death that he will cause an Ann Curry situation, so they’re not letting him go on the air. It’s ridiculous," an NBC News insider told the newspaper. (Curry’s tearful goodbye on the Today show drew so much sympathy that, in a backlash, viewers switch to rival Good Morning America on ABC.) Several reports indicated that Gregory will likely be offered a job at CNN, which his close friend Jeff Zucker now oversees.